Monday, August 4, 2008

1 Month Appointment

Eli had his 1 month last week and is doing great. He weighed 11lbs. 11oz, that is up 4lbs!! from his initial weightloss. Chunky boy!! He was 21.5in, but I really don't pay attention to length since it is so hard to measure a squirmy baby. At his checkup at 4 days he had lost 2 inches, pretty sure that's not right!

He is holding his head up really well, and got praise from the doctor for that! He likes to "stand" on us, loves to be held like that and facing out to see the world. I'm also realizing he doesn't really like to be cuddled with, Rowan could sleep on us or right next to me for hours. Eli fusses when I try to lay close to him for like 5 minutes. Oh well, I guess they are different people and will have different personalities (hopefully Eli's will help him to listen better than his big brother!).

Rowan has his 3 year check-up today and I also have my lovely 6 week this week, can't wait. We are getting our computer fixed and should have it back today.

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