Monday, August 25, 2008

Lonely Nights

It's that time of year again. Today Mike started school, and I am back to single-parenting. His schedule was looking pretty good, but now he's added a class and will be in class or working until almost 10pm Monday-Thursday. Since we live SO far away if he goes in town earlier (which he most likely will) then he's gone ALL day. Maybe it would be easier for me if we lived in town or knew people close by, but it gets very lonely when the only one you ever have to talk to is a 3 year old!! This is when I almost wished we didn't live here.

Tonight wasn't too bad, we got home from playgroup at the park in time for me to eat supper. Rowan did pretty well and I even made banana splits for dessert. I think I will need to work on the whole bedtime routine since Rowan goes to bed at the same time that Eli is nursing for bed, and it's kind of hard to nurse a baby while sitting on the floor reading books, but I'm sure it will all work out eventually! I hope! Now we'll see tomorrow if I can get them both bathed by myself.

Tomorrow my mom is closing on her house in decatur. We've decided to ride over with her so I can visit with my grandma while she's at the closing. The only reason I ever want to go there is to eat La Gandola so that will be our lunch- YUM!! I'm excited about that, but dreading the car ride- two hours in the car with my mom!! Help me- maybe I'll get to talk to my best friend the 3 year old and can ignore her!

Hopefully I will start finding something more productive to do after the kids go to bed and I won't just sit here on the computer every night.


Quigs78 said...

When PG was born, the husband was working in Chicago and wouldn't get home until after the kids were asleep - so I had bathtime by myself.

The kids and I eventually got our own routine, and I kept a bouncer in the bathroom so that PG could hang out with us in there. I found it easier to put the older one to bed first so that I could focus on bathing and nursing the baby to sleep, but you'll figure it out. And before you know it, the kids can take a bath together and it's a piece of cake! :)

~rachel~ said...

thanks for the advice. I was thinking of the bouncy in the bathroom, that would help.
Now I'll just have to figure out my own shower :)