Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Silas and Eli's Party

We had a joint party for Silas and Eli but since Eli can talk he got to make most of the decisions.  Eli loves tacos at the table so that's what we did- except at the counter! Tacos at the table are basically tacos with all the toppings out so you can make them yourself.  Sometimes to make it easier we just make up a taco or quesadilla and serve them but Eli prefers to do it himself.  He also requested a poop cake :/ we compromised and went with chocolate with chocolate icing. The other cake I made was white cake with buttercream and strawberries- that was mainly for me since I didn't get a cake for my bday! It was so good! The buttercream on both cakes was delicious! The chocolate was really rich but good. 

We ate first, then opened presents, then had cake and then wet outside for the little pool! there were squirt guns and silly string too. Rowan wanted to make a big ball with the silly string so he even picked it all up :)

They both had a great time I don't think Silas even tried the strawberry cake- not when there was chocolate around!

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