Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eli turns 6!

This was a big year for Eli- kindergarten! tee ball! He did so great in speech this year too, he started with an IEP for speech and as of now she doesn't have formal plans to work with him next year (since the sounds he needs work on are more of a developmental issue- and she typically doesn't work on them until 2nd grade). We are so proud of how great he's done! He loved kindergarten and his teacher and has so many friends at school.  Of course the days were long and I'm worried about how 1st grade we'll be, but hopefully he'll adapt.  It'll help that this first semester I'm only taking an online class so when they get home from school we won't have to rush off to get to class.

He kept going back and forth about whether or not he wanted to play t-ball.  We finally just made the decision for him and I'm glad he did cause he loved it!! I can't imagine him not moving up to coach pitch next year! He loved playing! He's doing swimming lessons again and this is the first year that I've seen him really start swimming on his own!

He's so close to reading on his own too!

The morning of his bday he came and got in our bed early and I let him since it was his bday ;)  I got up before him and made breakfast and got everyone else up and we went in the room carrying the tray with breakfast and candles! and singing happy birthday! They've made me breakfast in bed several times and he's amentioned before that he wanted to have breakfast in bed so I knew he would love it! He was so excited and I was cringing the whole time hoping my bed wouldn't end up covered in syrup ;) it stayed pretty clean luckily!
For his birthday Mike and I decided to take him out by himself and do something.  He chose to go to Culvers and go play mini golf.  It was a lot of fun and we stopped at an art show in between and he loved walking around downtown with just us.  AT Culvers he even got to have pop and he chose to mix mt. dew and rootbeer - haha! He loved it and I do remember doing that stuff as a kid, so even though I wanted to say no I let him have it.  minigolf was fun but kind of hard for him to really grasp how to do it.  Mike and I hadn't played for years though so we loved it! after we were done- at like 9pm Eli was excited to be out late! Eli spent the night with my mom and the next day she took him to the movies! He saw How to Train your Dragon 2 and loved it and he ate 2 giant popcorn containers!  We thought it would be a little cheaper to do these little birthday dates instead of a party, I think he was really hoping to have a party with friends but he really wasn't disappointed with this.

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