Monday, August 1, 2011


Wow, what's this like 3 days blogging in a row? Yeah me!

Mike made the boys these toolboxes with their names on it for Christmas. We planned on letting them paint them as soon as it got warm but we just now got around to it.

Eli lost interest pretty quick but Rowan painted all his.

These sit on their room and hold books or random toys.

Mike helped Rowan spray paint on it a little.

The painting got interrupted when mike found a snake in our shed. No pictures since I would not go near it. Of course the boys wanted to see it but I will never spend time outside again!

Tonight we went to a cookout for Rowan's t-ball team. The boys had fun playing in the pools and other outside toys they had there and Rowan liked seeing all his friends again and playing a little t-ball!

And they came home with pinching balloons!

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