Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cooling off.....

Our heatwave seems to have broken, at least for now. To celebrate we went outside! My kids seem to have forgotten how to play outside so they mostly just whined about going inside....

We did have a nice wall to the post office this morning/- and we weren't covered in sweat after the 5 minute walk! Woohoo!!

We were invited to a friends house to swim today. I thought Eli would be too scared to Get in, boy was I wrong!

Above is Rowan jumping in.

At one point Eli took the ring off ( his suit had floaties and he had the arm things) and pushed off the side kicking away from me :)

We put them to bed early because they were both in some moods! Eli almost always starts out in his bed but we always find him with Rowan when we go to bed.

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