Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

We had a great night planned- lots of snacks, sparkly drinks, fun hats. We were all set to watch the ball drop, Rowan was excited to stay up and watch it- I figured he could make it until 11pm and watch the ball drop at least for New York's New Year. We ate our dinner of yummy snack/ party food in front of the TV (gasp..) and danced in the living room. Eli stayed up way later than he should have and was a bit fussy!! Mike dozed on the couch at 9pm and Rowan started in with our sparkly drinks. Eli finally went to sleep (well for a little while), and Rowan and I "partied"

The news came on at 10pm and interrupted our evening, Rowan lasted until about 10:15 and then crashed on the couch. I lasted till about 10pm and then I was out too, Mike says he made it till midnight but I don't really know if he did. Who would have thought it would be so hard to stay up until midnight- I mean really 12am that's it, and I couldn't even do that!! Oh well maybe next year!

I do have Eli's 6 month pics that I will try and get up before he turns 6 months, but I have a new addiction. Like everyone else in the world I am now reading the TWilight books and am officially hooked- it did take about 100pages before I felt that way though. I just hope I can get the 3rd book before I finish the 2nd I don't want to be left in suspense for too long! Hopefully I'll get through them soon and get back to my life- cleaning the house reading blogs, taking care of the kids.......


John LeCoq said...

Great posts. I loved the latest one. I also had big plans to stay up and ring in the New Year and then write a few news posts to my blogs right after midnight and then begin a new screenplay I am going to write.

Well...........none of that happened. I went to sleep at 10. I would have had a better chance of making it to midnight if I had gone to sleep and then tried to wake up for midnight!!

Some great pictures also!

Anonymous said...

great pics Rachel-David and I didn't make it til 11pm to see the NY balldrop either-made it to about 25 til 11pm.
But it sounds like you alldid have some fun before crashing.
Happy New Year! grandma joan

Ariad said...

Hi Rachel, I just found your blog. Love the pics of your kids! So cute. My little ones didn't mske it to mid-night...I barely did! Then it was a quick "happy New Year" and of to the land of nod.