Tuesday, January 13, 2009

and Just Because...

I don't want to bore anyone with only a post about my husband. Here's a few of Eli from this past week.

He is starting to nap a teeny bit better, well he is at least falling asleep by himself in the crib, even if he only stays alseep for 30mins at a time. I'm sure we'll build up to a decent nap eventually- baby steps, baby steps.

We are teaching ELi a few signs (as in sign language), this is a picture of him signing "more." Ok, if you happen to know the sign for "more" you know this is a pretty bad example of it- BUT he has done better, I just couldn't get a better picture of it.

He's doing an awful lot of this, and even though he's not technically "crawling" he is getting around-way too fast.

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Quigs78 said...

Let that poor baby out of the cage!