Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Day in Pics...A LOT of Pics

Today we went with our meet-up group to Chuck E. Cheese. We had an absolute blast- but how could you not when spending an obscene amount of money and ending up with curly straws and suckers... Oh well, we always have a blast when we go there, and by always I mean the two times we've been there.
Rowan on his favorite ride

On the phone with Chuck...

Eli chillin in the sling...not easy to play skeeball with this- luckily we brought the stroller!

So after we spent 3 hours- and all our money- at C-E-C, we decided to head to the children's museum. We had never been there and I've heard great things about it so wanted to check it out. It was a lot of fun, although I do have a few complaints about it- but sometimes I'm just bitchy so maybe it's just me.

Rowan's reaction ....

me telling him THIS is what the inside of his body looks like- apparently you CAN be too young to know that!

Surprise!! A train table!!

Mike send the corn up the thing(?) kind of look like peas to me!

Rowan putting the "grain" in the bucket. AKA- Rowan cleaning up something withOUT even being asked!!

Pounding on the big wall of nails thing(I don't know what they're called).

Do you know who this is?
Ok, stop guessing- it's Mike.

Rowan painting on the wall- this was my favorite thing- all though there were so many kids I couldn't do it too... maybe next time.

More painting- I love how hard he's concentrating.

Playing in the water table

The ride home...quiet

But we had one last stop before leaving home... and yes I actually took this picture just so I could put it on my blog!

And now my museum complaints...
-There were hardly any signs to tell you what to do at some of the exhibits, the one w/ the grain and having to crank the balls up and then get them on the other side and bring back...repeat...NO SIGNS, I only knew what to do cause I saw someone else do it first.
-They had a nursing nook- which of course should be a good thing, and I was going to go sit and nurse Eli there, but when I sat in the chair and the seat was half broke. I kind of hate those rocking chairs they have in nursing rooms- they are never comfortable the arms are too high and you can't really hold the baby right...but that's a different issue.
-TRAIN TABLES- I get that kids LOVE these things, and although we don't have the table we have tracks and they are all over my living room everyday. So, why do these places have to have these and why do they have to be right in the front so the first thing a kid sees is the damn train table. Why on each floor does there have to be some kind of track, road, rug that looks like a road w/ trucks, tractors and trains. I'm ok with it at like the library, but I don't want to go somewhere and pay money for my kid to play with a train table- he can do that at home. They should at least have really cool like rollercoaster style tracks if they MUST have them.

Alright I feel better now- sorry for my little rant- but this is MY blog!


Quigs78 said...

The train table was my complaint about the museum, too! If you want to have one there, fine - but does it have to be the first thing that the kids see when they walk in the door? I'm trying to drag Bubba away from it so we can see the rest of the museum, and I look like this mean old mom who won't let her kid have fun at the children's museum.

And we're going to have to try CeC sometime! We weren't up for the drive yesterday. :P

Harley Quinn said...

I also hate the trains tables at museums. I do have to point out that the painting plexi glass wall is my favorite at that museum as well and it is not as crowded during the week.

I love how you said that you CAN be too young to know what your insides look like. Funny, funny!

Anonymous said...

The painting wall looks cool. I would love it too. Plus I love those nail walls. The corn does looks like peas !! They should paint them yellow. At least have the color right !! Love the pic of Rowan sleeping...a good way to get a nap out of him--- wear him out !!Gramma Connie