Monday, October 6, 2008

What's the Problem?

Rowan use to say that all the time, and it always made me laugh- especially when I was having some pregnancy hormone induced crying- aahh good times!

Now the problems-

- My internet is having some issues, only certain sites come up and others act like they are loading but never open. It's very strange. Anyone smart enough to give me an idea on why this would happen or what to do? I haven't been on myspace in days- (gasp)!!

- Eli has lost all interest in sleep. Naps- maybe a couple 20 mins ALL DAY. Bedtime- sleeping baby goes into the crib and either wakes up immediately or sleeps 20-30mins then wakes up. Repeat!! It is not working for me at all. I can put him in the Mei Tei but there is only so much I can do standing up and walking around for 2 hours- doesn't really work for me! He is finally asleep in the swing after a 30min nap this morning and then crying/fussing in my arms for 30mins from exhaustion- before FINALLY giving in. Of course soon he'll have to be woken up to go get Rowan.

-Rowan gets called a girl WAY too much, it is really starting to bother me. Boys can have curly hair- OK- I don't perm his hair it is just curly

Tip to people who can't tell if the the kid is a boy or girl- (it is usually ok to ask if it's a baby)

instead of asking the parent what is your daughter/son's name or saying is "it" a boy or girl- ask the child "what is your name?" This may help although I understand the child may have a name like Rowan that you have never heard of or maybe you know a girl named that so you are even more confused. So how about you look at their clothes. Now I don't like to do the whole gender thing with clothes, I think boys can wear pink and girls can wear tractor shirts. BUT most of the time boys are dressed like boys and girls are dressed like girls.

I actually like the color purple, but probably will never put it on my boys (in public) because I am so tired of the girl comments.

Sorry for that little ramble there, so anyway I was tired of the comments so what else could I do, but cut his hair!! Yes I cut it myself. I'm actually surprised at how well it turned out, especially since my only experience with hair cutting was when I was 20 and I sat on the floor

in front of my full length mirror and just started cutting- that did not end well- luckily I had some nice friends who fixed me up!I don't think it looks too bad, but I think I need to take a little more off the top. I will try to get some more pics posted, but I almost think the cut itself is kind of "girly"- I know exactly what i was trying to get a way from!

Wanna see why that bear is so close to Rowan's back?


Anonymous said...

i think rowans hair looks cute and fine...and i also like his own carrier :)

Quigs78 said...

Dammit, Rachel!! Another blog I have to read! ARGH! ;)

I love Rowan's curls - and he always looks so surfer dude to me, that it would never occur to me that he's a girl. Then again, if PG isn't in head to toe pink, she gets the inevitable "How old is he?" Wait until she starts wearing Bubba's old winter coat from last year - that'll confuse them for sure!

libbygirl said...

Don't babies stop sleeping when they are going to go through a big change? Maybe Eli's ready to walk or something. Colin gets the girl comments, too. That's when I know it is time to cut his hair.

~rachel~ said...

Libbygirl- yes that must be it- he will walk soon :) I was thinking maYBE teeth? but it's early Rowan was like 7months (I think), I think I'm just trying to make excuses for him- really hoping that this just isnt his new thing!