Monday, October 20, 2008

Recent Happenings

*I have a pretty new BLUE camera, with a fancy new memory stick that holds over 600 pictures. I will try and convince myself I don't need to fill the memory stick before putting on the computer- but until then no pics- sorry.

*Eli napped a total of 45minutes on Saturday. Yes. that is all day! Have I mentioned he's not a good napper?

*Rowan does not listen to a word I say. In fact when I tell him no he says "but I ALWAYS CAN!" This not listening thing resulted in him walking on the lid to our cold frame (where we grow winter). The "lid" is actually an old wood framed window- window meaning the entire center is squares of glass. Yes, GLASS, Rowan walked through a glass window and somehow, did NOT get cut at all. He broke 4 pieces of the glass with his hands and feet and wasn't hurt!

*I think I may have, finally, sewed a decent diaper! :) I also, not so successfully made Rowan some comfy pants.

*I made Rowan a morning schedule to help him get ready on the days he goes to daycare. He LOVES it, it's working so well I think I am going to make him more for other times of the day, especially when he has the most trouble listening. I actually think it'll help, hopefully.

*Rowan's bites seem to be getting better, and I haven't noticed any new ones. I also haven't noticed the pirate bugs lately.

*Apparently, big boys don't ALWAYS like to poop in the potty- who knew?

*I've gotten a couple of babyshower invites recently- I absolutely LOVE seeing what first time-to-be parents register for, always gives me a good laugh!!


Anonymous said...

oh rowan...he's so stubborn! and where does he come up w/ some of this stuff he says lol?!

Quigs78 said...

I can't wait to get my pretty new pink camera! Seeing yours totally got my panties in a bunch about it.

And if you're going to wait until it's full, I'm not going to get my cute pic of PG until she graduates from high school! :)

libbygirl said...

You know you could use pictures from your new pretty camera for Rowan's schedule. Fancy!!

Harley Quinn said...

You'll have to fill me in on the schedule thing. Our mornings are such chaos!

I think it's hilarious too to see what first time parents register for. I just want to say, dude, you're never going to need that FYI.

Lavender Lemonade said...

He walked on glass and was not hurt! Wow, you may have a little medicine man on your hands.

Maybe I could pay you to make me a couple of cloth diapers...instead of teaching me. :) Since now you've got the pattern down pat...:) I'm lazy, if I haven't mentioned that before.

~rachel~ said...

LL- teach me how to knit something other than a rectangle and maybe I'll make you some :)