Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Love and Cloth

We've made another switch this time to cloth wipes. I know, even I am amazed at my crunchy/greenness. Eli is a pooping machine, he doesn't seem to be slowing down with the frequency (although he doesn't go at night anymore). We were going through so many wipes I think we've gone through more in his 3 months than in the last year with Rowan. I don't like anything I have to keep buying- especially disposable things. I mean we weren't going broke from wipes or anything- we buy store brand about $8 a box-but I figured why not. So I made a bunch up from some flannel pj's I swiped from my mom's garage sale items. SO far they work great, and really are WAY more absorbent than the cheap ones we bought. Although at first I was just using water on them and he seemed a little red so I mixed up some tea tree oil, baby soap, and water mixture and that seems to work better. I know you are all so fascinated by this- right? :) What can I say I live a very fascinating, exciting life!! I won't bore you w/ pics of my wipes since they are just for cleaning poop I did not even attempt to make them look nice.

I think I've discovered Eli's sleeping problem, he just loves me SOOO much he can't stand to be away from me, not even for a minute (ok maybe a few minutes) not even in his sleep. When Rowan was born he was in our bed pretty much from day one. I was in so much pain I couldn't even get him out of the bassinet w/o hurting, so it made since to just lay him next to me so I could easily nurse him. As he got a little bigger we tried a few different arrangements for co-sleeping (crib pushed up against our bed, our mattress on the floor next to his mattress)... The only way we seemed to get sleep was if he was in our bed. I was also working at the time so he wanted to nurse more at night since I was gone during the day (it's normal look it up). I was fine with this, since he took more at night I didn't have to worry about pumping a whole lot. Rowan was in and out of our bed usually at least one point during the night until he was 2-2.5. There were nights when I couldn't stand it and wantde him gone, but now sometimes I miss him. And although at the time it seemed like he would never leave now it seems like it has been FOREVER since he layed next to me.

I am trying to remind myself of this as it seems Eli is heading in the same direction, but it's different this time. I could sleep good next to Rowan, this time I don't feel as rested for some reason. I can't get comfortable and wake up A LOT. He sleeps much better next to me and hardly wakes up maybe once or twice a night, but in the crib it's almost every 2 hours!! I think if he went to bed and got a good amount of sleep before I went to bed it would be easier, but he wakes up a lot or won't even go down. I think we just need to get a king size bed, maybe then I'll be happy and comfy. Until then I'll just think that he loves me so much he can't stand to be away!!

On a very happy note- I think I can now say that Rowan is officially potty trained!!!! I have learned that with Eli we will do nothing and not even mention the potty, because apparently it will just happen when THEY ARE READY!! I guess all those wise mother's WERE right- who knew? :)


Harley Quinn said...

I am very impressed and kinda feeling guilty! Here you are with your cloth diapers and your cloth wipes and your homemade clothes and bags. Does it count that I mostly buy my stuff from garage sales? =)

~rachel~ said...

i've never made clothes.and that bag prettymuch fell apart :)

Quigs78 said...

I can hardly stand to stay away from you, either. I wake up around every 3 hours at night, thinking of you.

LOL That sounds creepy.

~rachel~ said...

thanks quigs :) at least I don't have to put you back to sleep by... I won't even finish that one! :)

Lavender Lemonade said...

Cool, your own soft, reusable wipes.

How many cloth wipes does it take to clean up a messy diaper? I'm assuming there is no rinsing in between swipes, right? And then you put them in with your cloth diapers to wash?

Congrats to Rowan on being potty trained! That's so great.

~rachel~ said...

LL- I'm just going to write out what I'm doing with the wipes for you :) SInce the water only thing didn't really work for him, I mixed a drop of tea tree oil, baby soap and water in a little spray bottle (like a travel pump one) I keep hot water in a portable coffee thermos thing. I spray one side of the wipe w/ the mixture (a few times to kind of coat it) then fold it up and pour the water on it. I have to pour it over our diaper pail because it kind of leaks- but that is the only thing i had that would keep water warm for a while, i don't want to have to get new water each time. then i just wipe, first with the mixture side and then w/ the water side. I have not had to use more than one wipe per change because they are so absorbent- and i am not that good it almost always takes me 2 disp. wipes for a poop :) I'm sure it might be a little different after he's on solids.
Then i just throw them in the pail w/ the dirty diapers and wash together.

Harley Quinn said...

Okay so your greenie-ness inspired me tonight. I got out my Super Baby Food book and made "homemade-disposible baby wipes". I cut a paper towel roll in half and put some water, some baby oil and some lavender scented baby wash in an empty cylindrical wet wipe container. Then I put the towels in tipped it upside down to saturate all the towels. It's working so far. I'll try it for now and if I get braver, I'll try real cloth. My big problem is I usually don't get around to do laundry on a regualr basis. =)