Wednesday, October 29, 2008

4 Months of Eli

I'm sure I say this every month, but still- 4 months, WOW!! I really can't believe how quickly it's gone! This month Eli has decided naps are highly overrated. Although, I'm not going to mention that the other day he slept for 1.5hours!! But i won't mention it cause that would obviously jinx any chance of him doing it again (just go ahead and knock on wood for me, if you happen to "hear" that he DID sleep that long- thankyouverymuch). Anyway back to month 4, he can roll over both ways, but doesn't do it very often. He puts everything in his mouth, is starting to drool, and is spitting up a little less. He "talks" and laughs and thinks his big brother is hilarious. With both boys I've kept a blank calendar (where you fill in the days for their first year) and write on that rather than the babybook (I'm sure I'll fill that in eventually). Well Rowan's was always so full, I wrote down everything, Eli's is pretty blank. I write just the important stuff and even then sometimes I have to guess cause I forget to write it down. How sad it must be to be the second born! I'm glad I'm a firstborn :)
He had his 4 month check-up yesterday and passed with flying colors. His weight was 17lbs 10oz- even I was surprised he was THAT big! 25in. long and head circumference 43cm-incase you're keeping track. I think we may have to get a new car seat sooner than we expected!

Can you see the drool?

Look I have feet!


Quigs78 said...

Adorable! He's starting to look like a little boy instead of a baby!

PG is anti-sleep right now, too. It's making me insane. Like borderline certifiable.

Good luck. ;)

Anonymous said...

i cant wait untill thanksgiving break, i am going to hold him the whooooole time :) he just gets cuter and cuter every month!

Harley Quinn said...

Happy 4th months Eli!

He is so precious!

I love that first picture where he is trying to eat the paper and the second where he is staring at the paper like, "WTF is that?" ADORABLE!!

libbygirl said...

He looka very stylin in his baby legs as always. He's gotta sleep someday.

Shelly said...

He is so cute!