Friday, June 6, 2014

Baseball Nights!

Eli is playing tball this year and Rowan is still in coach pitch. Luckily, most of Rowans games have been at our school and have been the same nights as Eli's practices so we haven't really had to split up. Mike helps on Rowans team so I usually go back and forth between the fields watching eli practice and Rowan play. Eli really likes having someone watch him. He's doing great! Our tball doesn't use the tee unless the kid doesn't get a hit afyer 5 pitches. I really like it this way because they actually get practice batting.

The other night at Rowans game Eli was running around with a friend and Silas was chasing them. He fell on the concrete and bit into his lip you could see the teeth marks and there was a lot of blood! After a few minutes he was fine and ready to go play but he wouldn't drink anything. We even tried a popsicle when we got home. He  walked around with it for a while before finally eating it. He kept sticking his lip out which was kinda cute ;)  the next day it was swollen and dark red. It'll probably take a few days to heal but at least he's eating normal again!

So now I'm more obsessively watching him during games. Last night he had a ring pop at the game and turned his lip purple in the spot that's healing. For the most part though he's pretty good at the games and practices. He loves watching his big brothers!

Last night we made a special trip out for ice cream after the game!  Every one enjoyed that!

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