Friday, June 6, 2014

School's Out

The big boys had their last day of school on Monday. Report card day that now lasts 3 hrs. They've both had such a great year and we are so proud of them! I can't believe how much Rowan lives reading now. And Eli is starting to read on his own and his handwriting has really improved ( possibly even better than Rowan ' s ! ;)

We have some things we are going to work on this summer- reading,  writing ( cursive for Rowan) math. I had them each pick something they wanted to learn about too and Eli picked birds and Rowan Legos. I'm excited to start up with that next week along with swimming lessons and eco - camp at Homer lake.

We also have a big trip planned and will be gone for almost 3 weeks! I'll blog about that soon as we make our final plans. For now we are busy with baseball and t - ball and just having fun!

The comparison picture is first day of school to the last. Eli definitely looks older :(

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