Friday, June 28, 2013

Knocked out!

( no pictures)

Two weeks ago we were all playing keep-away in the backyard. Well not Silas. He was playing with toys and randomly laughing at us!
Mike and Rowan both went for the ball and mike ends up landing on Rowan. Mostly on his head!! It was quite amusing but of course Rowan is crying and mike felt awful. When Rowan gets up his mouth is all bloody. I knew his very loose tooth had been knocked out but he was pretty freaked out. He had a nice scrap under his eye too. We searched for the tooth but couldn't find it. Luckily the tooth dairy seemed happy with a nice letter explaining what had happened. She sure is an understanding lady!

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Looseyfur said...

That sounds like what happened at the park between Dave and Xander oh so many years ago!

Those crazy balls and falling grown ups. I'm glad that he was okay, and it just knocked out a baby tooth.

Hope things are well with you guys.:-)