Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Yesterday was my birthday! I was hoping for a nice stress free day. No yelling at kids, no kids fighting... Yeah, pretty high hopes! It wasn't quite THAT perfect but was a nice day. Rowan went to a safety camp with a friend so that helped with the quiet a bit ;)

Mike took the day off and we ran errands- hello Target! And went out for Chinese good with Eli and Silas. Eli was so excited to go out! He thanked us like a million times for taking him for Chinese food! Eli and Silas both loved the egg drop soup! And i got myself a few things at Target. We even got me a fancy coffee drink ( i never buy those thibgs cause they are so wxpensive! and i felt like crap after i drank it...)
Of course once Rowan got home they fought nonstop :/ but they did help mike make me a cake. Mike made dinner too. Sooo good!

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