Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My pregnancy with Rowan was a breeze. No morning sickness no other annoying symptoms. I had a period of insomnia, but since I didn't have any kids yet I could easily take a nap after work or on the weekends.

With Eli I had some morning sickness, lots of tiredness and of course gestational diabetes. I managed though, I went to bed with Rowan at 8pm every night. I was also basically in a diet for 9 months, which sucked BUT helped me not gain an insane amount of weight!

This pregnancy I had lots of morning sickness, tiredness, and just feeling like basic crap every time I moved off the couch. The beginning basically sucked!

Of course, now I'm feeling mostly normal but I've learned something- each pregnancy gets worse and worse. So if we hadn't already decided this would be the last I think the thought if another pregnancy where I felt even worse than this one would be enough for me to say "I'm done!". How do people have more and more kids? I don't get it....

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