Monday, January 30, 2012


The boys started gymnastics two weeks ago and they are both really loving it! Rowan wanted to do it months ago, but it was the beginning of me feeling like crap so I thought it was better to let them watch tv while I laid on the couch! ;)

I think Eli might actually listen better than Rowan in the the class. We started Rowan in a different class and then realized just how bad his lack of coordination really is so moved him down a class. I didn't know what the difference was, but it's now obvious he's in the right class. That first was pretty humorous for me though! :)

There classes are one after the other so they have to wait for 45 mins for the other ( since they have the same teacher).
Luckily there is some things for Eli to do while waiting, otherwise it would be a very long 45 mins!

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