Friday, December 27, 2013

The Not-So Merry Christmas

What a week!

Christmas was on Wednesday. Sunday night Eli's fever started. He spent Monday on the couch with a high fever, headache, and body aches. Tuesday he was mostly the same but you could tell he was improving. I woke up Tuesday knowing it was coming. My head was hurting and I was not feeling great. By Tuesday night my body hurt so bad I almost cried when I had to lift my leg to step over the baby gate! Of course that was Christmas Eve so Mike had to get everything out and under the tree when I went to bed early. Luckily for the first time ever we wrapped presents ahead of time! So thankful for that.

Mike and Rowan were watching the Grinch until 10 pm and Rowan was tracking Santa! So mike really couldn't go to bed until after 11. Silas woke up and came to our bed. It became clear he wasnt feeling great either and mike and I were awake with him a lot that night- as in no sleep at all. On top of feeling sick that was not fun! I still had a fever and was achey Christmas morning but we had a good time opening presents. We postponed our brunch with my mom and sister until supper hoping we'd feel better. We didn't really but did it anyway. We had cereal for breakfast on Christmas :/ mike bought the boys sweet cereal so they loved it!
Silas's fever was pretty low and was gone by bedtime that night. He still didn't feel too great but he was pretty good.
Thursday I still had a fever. Felt crappy but definitely not like I was. During supper Eli said his tummy hurt and even cried cause it hurt. Since he's never done that before we were quite freaked out and were ready to head to the doctor. He laid on the couch with mike and felt better after a few minutes ( gas?) and then fell asleep at 5:30 pm! I felt better by bedtime but still had a fever.

Friday I woke up and still had a low fever! It's getting ridiculous! Eli isn't feeling great and has been laying on the couch all day. It's quite strange but I'm thinking he just needed more time to recover and his body didn't like his 2 days of having crazy Eli back ;)

Mike has had a mild touch of this- a headache somewhat and a little achey and tired. I'm so glad it didn't hit him as hard since he has really held us together! I don't remember ever being sick on Christmas. Not fun at all! And we aren't getting to enjoy our break either. We've had to cancel a few things and its really dissapointing.

It wasnt all bad though. The kids still had a good Christmas and have been enjoying their toys! I'll post pics soon- I did remember to take pictures on the real camera!!

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