Monday, February 27, 2012

The three hour test...

Today I had to take my 3 hour glucose tolerance test, which means I failed the 1 hour :( I was supposed to carb- load this weekend to try and help my body produce more insulin (or something like that) but mike and I did a bunch of work to the bathroom and laundry room this weekend. We were so busy I probably actually ate less than usual! The boys spent the weekend at mikes parents so we could work- and spend hours at Menards- without them in the way. We still have lots to do, but it's slowly coming together.

So the test- I had to fast and sit at the lab for three hours! As I drank the disgusting orange drink the girl told me that this one is actually twice as sweet as the one you drink for the one hour test! I had no idea and I've done the three hour with each pregnancy! Of course since she told me I couldn't stop thinking about how much more sweet it is. There has to be a better way to test for this stuff! Right?!

Mike had to go to work so he brought the boys to hang out with me for the last hour of the test. They were pretty good, they love the fish tank so I told the technichian I'd be by them for my last blood draw.

Eli had fun climbing on the chairs too- and ignoring me telling him to stop! I didn't care too much we did have an hour to kill and there was no one back by us- probably because we were there ;)

They were so curious about me getting the actual blood draw. They are both kind of squeamish about that stuff so I didn't know what they'd do. Eli actually ran right outside the room and stood around the corner because he didn't want to see me get poked then he was mad cause he missed it! Rowan asked a million questions as usual and the guy was awesome with him! We were talking about getting shots the other day so I told them it was kind of like that it hurts a little but then it's over!

After I was done we went to culvers for lunch at 10:40! I was starving!

The boys were so good! I feel like it's getting so much easier to go in public with them both lately ( well Eli, Rowan is usually fine) and now we are going to add a baby! I'll probably stop going out with just the kids again ;)

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