Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cub Scout Cake Contest

Tonight we went to a family banquet for cub scouts. They asked all the boys to make and decorate a cake to bring. Rowan started planning his as soon as we found out about the contest. He's also been begging to make the cake everyday this week! We finally did it yesterday. He chose a pyramid!

Mike and I did most of the shaping of the cake. Of course Rowan was near by to make sure we knew he "was boss of the cake!"

The top was a bit hard to piece together. There are a lot of little pieces up there!

Next I did the thin crumb layer of icing. Then we made yellow icing for the main icing layer, Rowan tried to help spread :)

He chose to cover the cake in m-n-m's! Originally only two sides would have them, but we had more than I thought and were able to cover the whole cake!

Rowan chose how each side would be decorated. He did allow Mike to help, I can't imagine how long it would have taken if he did it all himself!

2 sides have a little triangle surrounded by the other color (we used yellow and gold). One side was the striped and one side was all yellow.

Spreading the icing for the sand ( crushed nilla wafers)

Even Eli got to help!

And the final! No pyramid is complete without a mote (moat?) and sharks, right? ;). I think this shows that obviously he did the designing!

I should have took a close- up pic of the water it looked pretty good!

Ready to go! He was soooo excited!

He ended up winning 1st place in his group- Tiger Scouts- and 3rd place for tallest cake!! He was so excited and so proud.

I was kind of surprised with how many cakes didn't seem to have much kid involvement..... Maybe others just don't get as into this as we do ;). Oh well, after they announced winners we got to cut the cakes and eat! We did try quite a few and they were good!

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