Thursday, September 3, 2009

Garden Update

Oh the garden! I had so many plans this year, while I really don't do much with the garden (hey somebody has to watch the baby!) I had planned to document the progress of the garden. I figured we would do pictures every 1-2 weeks to document how the plants were doing, takes pics when we started harvesting things, I would keep track of dates when things were ready... I would make a chart or something so we would know where everything was planted.... I had so many plans, and I'm pretty sure that other than Rowan's Garden this is my first garden post of the summer- and it's now September.. oh well there's always next year!

We have 2 peach trees that have popped up through our compost pile, they look great- gotta love compost! They can't be more than 2 years old.

This is a lemon cucumber- it's alright, we had regular ones too but no pics since they are all gone now, these ones are growing like crazy!

Fennel- Mike insists, it smells like black licorice so I won't touch it!

Amayrnth (sp?) I believe it's a grain, Mike wanted to try growing it, I don't really know anything about it at all- but it is pretty!

Okra- apparently you're suppose to pick them when they are about 1-2in. long- oops. First year for this too.

Broccoli- we have had tons!! I need to find out if we can freeze it cause it just keeps growing!

Tomatoes- yeah they've sucked, but we did have some really good yellow ones. I decided I'll will keep the gorgoues weather we've had this summer and buy my tomatoes.

This is our only pumpkin- at least that I've seen) this pic is about 1-2 weeks old and it is now almost orange, it's pretty big too.

The wall of green beans- we've had tons of these too and have already frozen quite a bit.

Rowan's garden has done great, he even had some cantaloupe!

Another cantaloupe

We have 1 cabbage.
We also have a lot of carrots and brussel sprouts. I'm thinking maybe next year I'll learn to can somethings- maybe....


Anonymous said...

Rachel, you definitely can freeze broccoli! It's pretty easy and i've done quite a bit: pick and cut broc into 3 inch or so pcs.,(wash first of course)-then boil some water and blanch(pop the broc in the boil. water bath and boil for about 4 min or so(count timer when h2o starts to re-boil after adding produce)-if you boil for 6 min that's ok too, just not too long). Then you just drain broc into colander and plunge into ice cold h2o for the same amt of time-drain and freeze! If you go online and google broc freezing, it tells a more accurate time(but I have to go to work, would you believe, and so don't have time to look the time in boil. bath up in a book)ha.
We planted a big fall garden and I am praying for rain! pinach, lettuces, etc plus buckwheat for cover crop in a few beds(to till in before frost and to enrich the soil).-Joan

Carson Baby said...

I love your garden, I love Cantelope and green beans. If you have extra green beans I will take some apple and pork weekend. I love to put them in my pressure cooker