Friday, September 11, 2009

Family Picture

Last week Rowan came home from school with a note requesting a family picture for their upcoming family unit. I looked and looked and looked, but could not find a picture of the four of us. I finally did find this picture (above), but it is so old(Eli was 5months) I figured we would take a new one to send. So we set up the tripod outside to take a quick (HA) family picture.
I think it turned out pretty well- don't you? Ah The memories!!

Eli is crying, because he had to be pried out of the little car he ran to as soon as we went outside. And Rowan? Well apparently he "really needed to get something!" Oh that something was a clump of grass he "needed to pick!"


Anonymous said...

that is so cute!! Of course Eli wanted his car. He loves that thing!! What a sweet family.

Looseyfur said...

This is like the Christmas card when Joel and I tried to get three cats on the couch together. :-)

Anonymous said...

great pictures!I sure have been missing you guys! Since Jeanie is probably visiting in a few wks, hopefully we will get to visit!-Joan

Anonymous said...

What a great family pix. Hope to see you in a few weeks. Enjoy this beautifl weather. Lov ya all. A Paula