Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maybe I'm Not Quite Ready..

I've been so ready for winter to be over and now that it is finally ending I'm not sure if I can handle it. Today we went to the U of I for Eli to participate in a study ( a NON paying study!), then we went to Hessel for lunch and play. I wanted to walk some to so I told Rowan we would park on the oppposite side walk around the park once and then waqlk to the playground. So we only actually walked around 2 times, but I am SO tired. Sitting in the sun, pushing the stroller, pushing kids in swings, following Eli in the grass, taking stuff out of Eli's hands from the grass..... I'm really not looking forward to nice weather w/ TWO children!! I actually fell asleep on the living room floor after we got home! Hopefully they are both as exhausted as I am and will sleep awesomely and late tomorrow!!

I wanted a picture of them "posing" in front of the tree together, Eli crawled away, and Rowan, well he's 3! So instead they both decided to "climb" the tree.

For the 1st time in months- he just looked at the camera and smiled- a regular smile!!!

Eli loves to swing!

and Rowan loves to push him...


Shelly said...

They are too cute!! :o)

Quigs78 said...

Adorable! You're where I was last summer. PG was mobile, but not quite walking, and Bubba was everywhere. It was busy, and I preferred going places with other people so I had extra eyes, hands, etc.

This summer will be better, though. PG is walking and climbing on her own and not eating everything she sees on the ground. It'll get easier, I swear! I just avoided the places I knew would be a problem for PG (like Hessel - she would bob for wood chips in the water. Ick.)

Anonymous said...

by the end of the summer you will have built up your endurance and will be chasing them around the park !! The pics are so cute !! especially Eli by the tree-- he looks like he is trying to pull up on it !! Mom