Monday, February 4, 2008

My two boys

Here is our baby boy. Rowan is still calling him brother-sister, but he will now say that he is a boy. I've watched the video of the ultrasound almost every night. It is so neat, he is sleeping with his hand on his chest and then turns his head and starts moving his mouth!!! SO amazing, it doesn't even seem real. He is very active- way more than Rowan was, although since Rowan now never stops moving, hopefully this boy will be a little more calm later on.

We are trying to narrow down some names and so far some of our favorites are: Miles, Oliver, and Eli- not directly related to the Superbowl, although probably how we got the name in our heads. Of course Rowan is going through an "I don't like...!" stage, so everything we say- whether it's a baby name or what's for supper, he loudly lets us know he doesn't like it.

Rowan- who is enjoying some "coffee" aka hot cocoa, in the photo above, has learned how to spell his name. He says R-O-W-H-N, but it's pretty close- A and H do sound a lot a like. He peed in the potty yesterday, and wants to sit on it constantly- but usually doesn't actually go in it, so I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. I suppose any interest is better than none.

I am defientely not as tired as I was at the beginning of this pregnancy, but now feel like I am starting to move towards the sleeping problems I had when pregnant with Rowan. I am starting to wake up more at night and it seems like it is taking me longer to fall asleep, I also haevne't felt like napping on the weekends- which I kind of miss. I am halfway done with this pregnancy, I just hope the second half goes fast.

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