Sunday, June 17, 2012

Due Dates!

I hate them.  The actual term is "Estimated Due Date," ESTIMATED- not today is the day the baby will be born... It's an estimate because no one knows when exactly the baby will be born.  But, for some reason people seem to think the baby must be born by or on the due date.  I was officially "due" the 13th so am 4 days past due.  I tried not to talk too much about my official due date during this pregnancy.  I think I'd usually just say June, or the end of June when asked so that when that day came and went I wouldn't be bombarded with "where's the baby??"  I have had texts from family I never talk to, asking if I've had the baby and wasn't my due date already?  Am I the only person ever to go past their due date?  I don't think so!

What is even more annoying is that people don't understand why I haven't asked to be induced yet!  What is wrong with our country that people think you must be induced just because you are due.  MY mom was 2 weeks overdue with me and she said back then they didn't induce unless there was an actual medical reason, women regularly went weeks overdue.  I read posts on BabyCenter and can't believe the number of women who want to be induced even before their due date, or the ones whose doctors recommend induction right after their due date especially when their bodies aren't progressing on their own.  WTF!!!??? I don't get it. Being induced carries a higher risk of complications which could result in other interventions and a good possibility of a c-section.  Why not just try to let it happen on its own?  I'm so done being pregnant, BUT I have been induced both times before and I would really like to know that my body could do this on my own.  I know most hospitals don't want you to go past 42 weeks because there are increased risks so most likely if I don't go into labor on my own by then I will be induced.  I'm really hoping I don't get to that point though.....

In somehwhat lighter news,  Mike took Rowan fishing at his parent's house a few weeks ago.  Rowan was having a great time!  THen he caught a fish that was on the hook pretty good, when Mike got it off there was some blood.  ROwan was so freaked out by this that he is now a vegetarian!  AT first he was an angry vegetarian :) and tried to dump Mike's bucket of fish out, several times....  He was making very rude comments to us about how we eat meat and how awful that is (keep in mind he had meat 2 hours earlier!).  We were finally able to calm him down about it and he realized he can't make decisions for everyone and he can't tell other people what to eat.  It's actually worked out great- he's been less picky than he was before.  Before if we put beans on his burrito and he saw them he wouldn't eat it, now he eats them just fine and talks about which beans are his favorite!  I made a big deal about how he would have to eat lots of protein - including beans- if he wasn't eating meat.  He also checked out some vegetarian cookbooks from the library!  Even Eli has started asking if what we are eating has meat in it, because Rowan doesn't eat meat :)

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Looseyfur said...

I was 3 1/2 weeks overdue. My mother drove to Canada and bowled in her bowling league every week 43 weeks pregnant.

I think they just made women more hardcore back then. You know, when they knew she was having a boy just because she "carried low."

You can see how well that identification plan worked out. :-) But yeah, I hated the, "Have you had the baby yet calls and e-mails."

I always figured, "Do they really think I'd blow them off about the birth of a child?" Dumbasses.