Friday, May 11, 2012

35 weeks!

I can't remember the last time I blogged... I had a sonogram a few weeks ago and they said my fluid was high so for the past few weeks I've had non stress tests and a sono every other week. Baby has done great at the NST's. Last week my fluid had gone down a bit but this week it was up to 29 ( normal is 13-25) and we discovered he flipped and is now breech :(. Apparently the extra fluid gives him more room to flip around. He's been head down for quite a while so this is a little upsetting but he does have plenty of time to flip back.

So for now I get to do fun exercises like putting my butt on several pillows and my head on floor to try and get him to turn- its not comfy! If these don't work I can have the doctor try to manually turn him and last resort if he's still breech I'd have to have a c- section :(. But hopefully it won't come to that- fingers crossed!

We got a great pic of his feet this week! They look kind of giant to me along with his huge chubby cheeks! :). Wonder how big this one will be....

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