Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Apron Giveaway!!

The Secret Stitch Club is having another apron giveaway. I love this blog, they make the cuteset stuff- check out the Robot onesie, and I've gotten some really cute sewing isead from them too. They are giving away this cute Christmas apron, but have a whole bunch of cute stuff for sale in their etsy shop. They even have some adorable little girl aprons in their shop!

So anyone want to start a sewing club with me and wear and make cute aprons?? :)


Anonymous said...

not me..sorry, I am not a sewer! Mom

Anonymous said...

loved all the aprons! I wish i had more time, because I'd love to make a few more aprons. Just made one for Erin(to send w/Pat's xmas pkg) and it is cool(you'd like), reversable. Yes, someday I WILL get a sewing machine, haha. But my stitching IS incredibly sturdy.Joan

Quigs78 said...

I guess I'd have to start cooking if I was going to wear an apron, huh? Or should I wear my apron when I go through the Culver's drive-thru? :P