Friday, April 11, 2008

Fun at home

I finally bought Rowan some play-doh and he loved it, first we made snakes Then we made a bear/bunny not sure what it turned out to be but he was having fun!Last weekend it was finally nice out so we went out and played with bubbles, Rowan was having problems actually "blowing" the bubbles so instead he just ran with the bubble wand and it worked just as well.

Rowan falling, from running so fast with the bubbles.
Of course the nice weather can't ever last forever, and this weekend will be cold rainy and maybe even snowy!! Rowan and I are getting colds again so I'm sure we'll have a fun sick weekend stuck in the house again!! Next week it is supposed to be in the 70's so maybe spring will stick around eventually!! We are ready for it!!

We had another appointment this week, I am now 30 weeks! I saw the midwife and everything looks good. Baby is head down- which I pretty much knew since his head is pressing on my bladder constantly! My blood sugars have been really good and I think I am doing a lot better with the diet, no cheating! I guess I just won't get sugar till he's born. In 2 weeks we see the Dr. and will have another sonogram, we had a 32 week sono with Rowan and they estimated his weight at 4lbs. 9oz. so it'll be neat to see how this baby compares to Rowan.

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