Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Holiday's

Well we are finally in the second trimester!! This Friday is my 16week appointment. I have to see the Doctor this time not the midwives because of the gestational diabetes, but hopefully this will be the only time. I have to check my blood sugars now and they are usually pretty good. It was hard sticking to my diet around Christmas but i did pretty good with it for the most part. I feel the baby move now, I didn't feel Rowan till 20weeks so it is a completely different feeling!! I have only gained about 3.5lbs so far which I think is since I am so careful with watching what i eat; I am glad though, since I gained way too much with Rowan and it wook WAY too long to get it off.

Rowan thinks the baby- whom he calls brother-sister- is in his belly button!!! It's so cute when he shows people where the baby is. He is going to be in for a real surprise when we bring home a baby!!

Christmas was great, Rowan was so excited about everything he got- "Oohh my new socks!!!" Of course he thought Santa brought everything and wouldn't give us any credit!! Oh well he had a blast.

I got my hypnobirthing book and have read it already and will soon start practicing the techniques and excercises. I am also trying to read a lot of books on natural childbirth and birth stories to keep me thinking positive.

I am trying to learn to knit better. I finished Rowan's scarf- finally, I need to take some pics of it. I also want to make him a matching hat and mittens. I am finishing my mom's new scarf and then will start on that. Then I want to learn to make stuff for the baby. stitch N' bitch had a really cute baby blanket pattern that I would lo\ve to make. I also want to make a newborn hat, and socks. Hopefully soon I will get it down and make more than just a washrag and a scarf!! If I can't teach my self something new soon, then I will probably sign up for a class.

Well if anyone happens to read this hope you all have a Happy (and safe) New Year's!!

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