Saturday, October 13, 2007

Finally Expecting

Well after felt like forever (although actually only about 2 months) We are finally pregnant!!!! It is still very early and I am only 4 weeks. I am a little confused about this whole EDD thing, so apparently by the time you actually get pregnant you are already 2 weeks pregnant?? So what i'm not sure is if you know when you ovulated and concieved would the due date be changed or would it still be based on your last period?? I don't think I ever thought about any of this with Rowan.
Anyway, last week before I took a test I noticed that my boobs were already bigger, a nice plus!! And my stomach felt fuller, not a plus!! I really hope I am not showing this early, with Rowan I was still wearing my jeans until I was 5months, that won't be happening if I am already growing.
I am unable to keep secrets about myself so I have already told more people than I planned,but don't plan on telling anyone else for a few weeks- hopefully!
So far I feel fine and hopefully I stay that way- I didn't have any morning sickness with Rowan.

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